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This entire recording was done digitally at Fat Cow Productions using Cakewalk by Bandlab.  This is a free DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that is as good as anything else on the market.  See all the buttons and pretty colors?  I just love that stuff!! 

Clint Thurber (The Son-in-Law) shredding on "This Is Who We Are".  He also played slide guitar on "Used To Be", electric solo on "What Are You Weeping For" acoustic guitar fills on "You Must Be Born Again".  

Duane Clark playing the beautiful guitar things on "I Am The Good Shepherd".   He also played Bass Guitar on "Behold The Lamb of God" and "You Must Be Born Again", upright bass on "In My Father's House" and electric lead guitar on "Where Would I Go".

If you want to hear some beautiful music check out his Youtube page!   Duane Clark Music

Les Boek, Pastor of Calvary Chapel Ukiah, is the reason "Use To Be" sounds so amazing.  No, he's not sucking a lemon, that's a harmonica, and he may be the best ever. He also played on "Who Is This Man".   I highly recommend his recording, "Back Tracks".  

Garrett Barker playing those sweet licks on "Holy Spirit".  Glued it all together perfectly. o man. 

Chris Vanover, Pastor of Calvary Chapel Nashville, TN, played that beautiful mandolin on "The Way Up".  He also played the electric lead on "Now I See".   Today's technology afforded us the opportunity to play music together while he remained in Nashville and I remained in Fort Bragg,

as we traded wav files through email. 

I love what he did on both these songs.

You can see /hear his guitar work/instructional

videos and more at his youtube site.  

John Heldstab did exactly as I wanted with the harmony on "Who Is This Man".   I always sing my own harmonies, but I wanted John's voice for this song, and it worked real good!  You can find "Johnny's" music here:  Johnny Heldstab

This sloppy room is a gift to me. This is where it all went down in a 3 month period. All but 2 of the songs were written between Jan 2-Mar 30, 2023.   

I am mostly old school as far musical creation is concerned, in that I create in my head, notate it on manuscript paper and then I get to the instruments and tweak it as I go.  You see the mess of papers on the left side of the pic.  Those are the pieces and parts of the songs on this recording. 

There will be concerts in the near future. First rehearsal pics here.....


John Heldstab

Clint Thurber

Carianne Green

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