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The Gospel of John Project Concert Schedule

In 2023, The Gospel of John Project" was performed live at several churches in both Northern and Southern California and was met with rave reviews and requests to return in 2024.

While the performance included 13 of the 21 songs, there were requests for a complete presentation. That's right, all 21 songs in one concert. This will be quite a commitment for both the band and the audience, so the plan is to present it as a play in two acts with an intermission.  The entire show would be anywhere from 2 hours to 2:15.  

And while we are planning to accommodate those wanting the 21 song performance, we will still be performing the abbreviated 13 song show for those that would prefer the one and a half hour concert.  

If you live in California and want The Gospel of John performed at your church, have your pastor email Kevin @ , and if we can work it into the schedule, then we will come out at no cost to your church. That's not a typo. 

When the concert dates are set, we will post them here.  

So in 2024 we are preparing to perform in

Fort Bragg, CA

Placerville, CA

Browns Valley, CA

Rialto, CA

Palm Springs, CA

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